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The best part of a vacation is stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new. This can be a new activity or a new destination. NOMI Resort Club is filled with new adventures just waiting for you to explore. After hiking around this South Algonquin wellness community’s trails, discover a new approach to upscale dining at our onsite restaurant in Ontario, Canada.

Discover a Range of Delicious Dining at NOMI

Thanks to our talented chefs, you won’t have to worry about going hungry during your stay at NOMI. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner with a loved one or a bite to eat while relaxing in your room, we have you covered.

  • LANDS8fity: When you dine at NOMI’s LANDS8fifty you’ll discover a new approach to what an upscale, gourmet restaurant can be. This restaurant is named after the 850 acres of land surrounding our resort just waiting for you to explore it. Enjoy a level of cuisine expected from a restaurant in the middle of the city while taking in the beautiful views of South Algonquin. Start your morning off with breakfast like a chef’s omelette or french toast. Plan the next day’s adventure over a meal that starts with an appetizer like soup du jour or a prawn cocktail before moving onto a delicious main course.
  • 8fiftyLounge: If you’re looking for a pick-me-up before dinner, visit 8fiftyLounge. Select from a range of tapas and wines as you chat with other guests and club members. You’ll get a feel for what you are about to experience in Lands8fifty.
  • Lands Cassoulet: When your plans for the night include staying in, you can still enjoy the delicious dining of LANDS8fifty. Lands Cassoulet is our gourmet catering, room service and takeaway dining option. Create the perfect picnic lunch from our bespoke menu, which features choices such as a chicken salad wrap, vegetables with hummus, and fries. 

Enjoy a Relaxing Escape in Haliburton

Located near Algonquin Provincial Park, NOMI Resort club is the perfect place to unwind and unplug from everyday life. Let us be your go-to wellness escape by purchasing a private residence. Club members and guests alike will enjoy everything our resort has to offer, including an onsite spa and a restaurant that rivals some of the top ones found in Ontario, Canada. Please call 1-888-765-9951 or email stay@nomiresort to learn more about our resort.